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EGO, what is it?

EGO is a WMS platform. It is a complete and innovative suite dedicated to the supply chain. The backbone of your logistics, our WMS (Warehouse Management System) suite covers all logistics functions in all sectors of activity.
A complete and fully customisable suite, the EGO WMS platform can be used for a wide variety of standard logistics processes.

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5 key advantages of our WMS EGO suite

Be autonomous and have a perfect control of your processes

In our WMS EGO platform, everything is a process and everything is a mission. It is easy to build your business process to meet your logistics flows.

Fully customizable, you can simply and quickly make your processes evolve with your organization by playing with settings or activating functions.

Evolve gradually with a scalable and modular platform

The EGO WMS platform is fully scalable and allows you to progressively support the evolution of your organizations.

Traditional implementation or V-cycles can be a real obstacle to flexibility and agility. Thanks to its modular structure and its function activation principle, the EGO WMS platform enables agile, flexible and reactive integration into your organizations.

Let your organization evolve at your own pace by taking advantage of a proven solution and new modules completely encapsulated in the WMS platform.

Extend the perimeter beyond the warehouse

Open and connected, the EGO WMS platform has numerous connectors with external partner solutions, both IT and Infra.

Couple with a conveyor, connect to a marketplace, track the return cycle, have a portal for making appointments, implement Goods To Man solutions…

Our native connectors allow you to extend the functional field and offer you the possibility to quickly and efficiently integrate these evolutions into your organizations.

In SAAS mode (based on usage)

The On Promise mode based on a license fee is becoming less and less popular with our new customers.

With the SAAS platform, you only pay for what you use.

This dynamic and user-friendly approach allows you to smooth out the investment and, above all, to set the fee at the right level: your usage!

Quickly and efficiently integrated

SITACI has deployed integration solutions based on a project platform :

the “toolkit”, allowing a progressive, pragmatic and dynamic integration of the EGO WMS suite.

Thanks to a structuring and innovative methodology, you will configure your flows directly and benefit from Onboarding sessions in order to quickly master the solution and its integration in your organizations.

This differentiating and structuring approach based on your logistics flows allows us to deploy the platform in less than 3 months within your organization.

Up to30%
increase in your production
Up to35%
increase in storage capacity
Up to99%
error elimination
Up to30%
reduction in handling operations

Our assets to assist you

A recognized expert in logistics:

With more than 30 years of experience, 300 customers and a 95% loyalty rate, SITACI, publisher and integrator of the EGO platform, is no stranger to the logistics sector.

A responsive and flexible team:

SITACI is an innovative, human-sized company based in Nantes. It is an agile company with flexible teams that listen to the needs and expectations of their clients.

An evolving and innovative platform

Our solutions are designed to evolve in order to support you in all stages of your future development. Our teams will be there to advise you and adapt our solutions to your current needs.

Towards a rise in competence:

SITACI is committed to being a “learning” company. Nothing is left to chance so that you can improve your skills and optimise your logistics processes and flows: online help, exchanges and sharing with other users, e-learning, etc.

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