Focus on cobot equipment – collaborative robots

WMS EGO connector and robots to limit the movements and the tediousness of the tasks in the warehouse

How to increase the productivity of picking and packing, while limiting the load carrying?

A picker can now be kept in his picking zone by sending a cobot (collaborative robot) directly to the packing zone, while allowing the picker to continue his picking activity in his zone. The picker can thus carry on with his picking operations, limiting at the same time the carrying of loads (and the risks of RSI) and movements without added value.

The benefits of such a solution

It is thus possible to connect EGO to intelligent robots that assist the operator in his daily repetitive tasks for :

  • Picking / kitting,
  • Station supply,
  • Evacuation of finished products,
  • Small logistics train / milk run,
  • Kanban management,
  • Station to station transfer,
  • Transfer to stock / shipping,
  • Return of empty bins,
  • Waste evacuation,
  • Tool transport.

The applications and benefits are therefore multiple at the heart of the warehouse: we will find cobots interfaced to EGO in Goods to Man activities or as an autonomous mobile desk to simplify printing and labeling operations!



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