Focus on IoT equipment – connected objects

Connector to geolocation solutions for equipment in the warehouse

How to provide enhanced information on the location of trucks in the warehouse in order to push even more adapted missions to operators?

Connectors have been developed between the EGO WMS and new IoT technologies proposed by partners. These technologies allow for the precise geolocation of handling equipment via tracers. The information is collected and processed in EGO in order to “push”, for example, the operators to carry out even more appropriate stock placement or order preparation tasks.

EGO can also use this information to optimize the storage strategies and to include new driving tasks in the processes in order to concentrate each operator on his area.

This geolocation information on equipment or goods can also be used to feed the tracking and tracing functionalities of the EGO WMS (for example: the positions or paths taken by sensitive products such as hazardous materials or those that must meet temperature constraints).

One of the interests is also to provide visual information on the routes in the warehouse. The goal is to optimize the logistics processing locations: filming, packaging, control, etc. This visual information also helps limit the loss of mobile assets (equipment, tools, containers, shuttle boxes and returnable packaging, production/logistics carts) and the time spent finding them.

The benefits of such a solution

With IoT integrating geolocation, it is no longer necessary to deploy heavy infrastructures. The proposed systems generally integrate :

  • Geolocation hardware (Bluetooth tags and LoRa anchors for indoor tracking, GPS / Bluetooth trackers for outdoor and hybrid)
  • A software suite in the form of a cloud platform allowing to aggregate data, track equipment on the map, know the historical positions, define alerts, perform post analysis of configurable indicators … and an Android application to perform field operations such as equipment-tag association or the triggering of buzzer / LED to identify the asset that we seek.

Nowadays particularly affordable, easy to install and handle, and extremely reliable, IoT solutions connected to EGO provide a significant ROI, whether in large industrial accounts or in smaller companies in the world of industry, medical, electronics.


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