Reverse Logistics

Innovation in Reverse Logistics world and first time in France

A new technological module in our EGO WMS has been jointly developed with a French specialist in outsourcing returns solutions for marketplaces. The aim is to interface more efficiently the information flows between web merchants and their warehouses.

In recent years, our partner has noted the difficulty of connecting two IT worlds that often turn their backs on each other: WMS in warehouses and CMS for marketplaces.

With the rapid development of e-commerce in recent months, managing customer returns has become a real headache for many web merchants. And in our EGO WMS, we already had reverse logistic functionalities that allowed us to make returns more fluid: reception, control, storage. Until then, this functionality was often activated by interfacing with an ERP.

The novelty here was to interface this functionality, which already existed in EGO, with our partner’s returns management solution. Thanks to this module, the gains can be measured in terms of :

  • The time it takes to put a customer return into stock (and therefore a discount on the market for e-commerce sites),
  • The reduction of the rate of rejects due to obsolescence of items,
  • And a reduction of the operations of reception associated with a gain on the surfaces of storage in reception (related to a reduction of the stocks).

This hybrid module is currently being installed at a major e-commerce player in France. An additional challenge is that this returns management will be handled by a new logistics provider chosen by our partner, who will be responsible for checking and restocking operations.

Beyond this first success, this collaboration with our partner aims to offer this universal “plug & play” module, a sort of Swiss army knife, to web merchants as well as to logistics providers working for these web merchants.


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