Focus TMS – Transport

A new way to manage your transportation

How to simplify the administrative management of transportation?


If you answer YES to any of these 4 questions, then we need to talk!

  • Do you buy transportation every day by email, phone or excel?
  • Do you buy transportation every day on the carriers’ websites?
  • Do you request transport quotes by email?
  • Do you make appointments on the warehouse by mail, phone or Excel?

Relations with carriers on a daily basis can represent a significant amount of time for team leaders or transport managers, for example, to best manage the flow of goods into the warehouse and to receive goods on a daily basis.


This is why we have developed with a French start-up, a recognized player in transport management (TMS), an interfacing solution that greatly reduces management costs, while providing fluidity and serenity in your relations with your carriers:

  • Sharing of orders to be received or customer returns,
  • Visualization of available slots and docks,
  • Confirmation of appointments made and on which dock.

As for outbound flows and with our partner’s platform, functionalities also allow you to produce :

  • Charter requests from the EGO WMS,
  • Or confirmations of freight pick-up by the selected carrier.

Our partner offers a simple tool interfaced to our EGO solution, fast and secure to :

  • Track all your shipments on a single platform,
  • Automate your processes in order to save time for your teams, and quickly realize significant savings… And this is just the beginning!


Find all the connections with tools, services and external equipment offering a complementarity with our WMS solutions, by clicking here :