Technical foundation of our solution

Aim for autonomy & control of your WMS

In detail…

Screen customization

– Customization of functions for the company, the group, the user.
– On-screen parameterization if needed.
– Management of rights and profiles for the store and the depositor.

Extended use

– Photo integration and photo taking.
– Integrated document management.
– Internal and customer emails.
– Integrated workflow to create a link between departments.

Functional autonomy

– Import engine.
– Parameters on the depositor, the family, the article.
– Fully configurable advanced flow.
– Fully modelable warehouse.

Exception management

– Error on reception and reception modification.
– Stock correction and deviation management.
– Breakage in preparation and management of re-preparation.
– Modification of orders: in backlog, outstanding, after preparation…
– Re-editing of label documents.
– Modification of the carrier’s route, choice of the least expensive at any time of the order
– Replay of interfaces.

Technological autonomy

– EAI for interfaces.
– Access to the status and label generator.
– Integrated querier.
– Coupling with Excel.
– OLAP Cube.


– Creation of business processes to present the flows.
– Use in tablet, PC or PDA mode.
– WCS for mechanization: Robot, Conveyor, Pick & Put to light.
– Selection by voice (by Vocollect).

Business robustness

Proven R&D cycle with pre-release management.
Dedicated team for software quality, support, implementation of preventive maintenance actions, security patch deployment…


Business solution dedicated to logistics for over 30 years.
Very broad standard base to which more than 15 complementary modules are added to extend the coverage


Scalability, the Ego solution is dynamic and constantly evolving with a scalable SaaS solution.
2 annual updates
70 to 100 new features added to the base
2 new modules added each year

Technical robustness

Hot backup of RMAN (Recovery MANager) via ARCHIVLOG every10 minutes
5 days
of archived hot backups
All backups are stored on a data centerdedicated
Automatic monitoring scripts every 5 minutes
Each server isduplicated
– data redundancy
5 years
of backed up data
9 data center
in France and Europe
In the event of a crash, creation of a complete environment under3H
Digora Support24 hours a day, 7 days a week
– Intervention by Oracle DBA
Oceanet Supportunlimited

4 security levels:

Access security

Fire protection

Climate redundancy

Electrical redundancy