Support for a WMS

Being well supported in the implementation of a WMS has several dimensions that need to be well understood: before choosing your WMS, during its implementation phases but also after its installation.

When should you be supported ?

Making the decision to invest in a WMS is not easy because there are many solutions on the market. And implementing a WMS in a warehouse will have a definite impact on the organization of your teams’ tasks.

Being accompanied by an outside firm to clarify your issues, needs and constraints will allow you to put the train on the right track in order to invest knowingly, wisely, and at the right time.

What does it involve?

Subsequently, the implementation of your WMS will require you to model the logistics flows specific to your company.

The logistical “DNA” of a warehouse combines the constraints of the warehouse topography, the logistical characteristics specific to your products and, finally, the rules linked to the activities of a warehousing process.

In order to successfully implement your WMS, it must follow a precise, sequenced methodology, where your teams and ours must work hand in hand.

Why should you be supported ?

The aim of being supported is to enable you to master your logistics fully and quickly, to be autonomous in the implementation of your logistics choices and to be an actor in the changes in your warehouse rather than being subjected to them.

It also means having technological solutions that enable you to anticipate the various hazards in order to limit their effects, prepare yourself better and secure your organisations.

To do this, we position ourselves in a tutoring logic: to make you progressively aware of the real challenges that your WMS will have to meet, beyond the needs that you express, and to help you increase your skills so that you are able to lead the transformation of your warehouse. This is why we are in a position of facilitation and empathy to bring you, thanks to our business expertise, innovation in your processes and to find you technical and organisational solutions to achieve this.

And how long should this support last?

As you need to adapt constantly, our mission is first to provide you with our innovative, complete and modular WMS solution: EGO Supply Chain Management.

Then we give you access to a service platform that will guarantee total control of your business and great resilience in the face of change. This SITACI platform is designed to support you at every stage of your projects and in the face of all the logistical challenges you may encounter.