Consulting for a WMS

Making the decision to invest in a WMS is not easy.

Many solutions already exist on the market, more or less expensive, and implementing a WMS in a warehouse will have a definite impact on the organization of the operators’ tasks.

  • So how to justify such an investment to a management or a shareholder?
  • How can you ensure that the field teams are on board?
  • What will be the return on investment (ROI) and how to measure it?
  • Will the benefits outweigh the risks?
  • Should we start by equipping ourselves with a WMS or should we first work on our organization, our processes and the organization of our logistics areas?

Consulting firms in operational logistics can help you answer these questions

Indeed, some firms propose to “prepare the ground” before such an investment, by including this investment in a more global roadmap.

Here are some examples of work that can be undertaken for this purpose:

  • The redesign of field logistics processes. This work will consist of designing processes from external logistics databases (flow charts, best practices, order preparation ratios, automation of a storage area, etc.) including an estimate of potential gains,


  • The sizing of a platform and the organization of warehousing. Some firms use flow simulation tools, implement prospective scenarios, and then propose various target warehousing plans,


  • Structuring the logistics chain and redesigning workstations and equipment. This involves, for example, calculating the impact of mechanization solutions (automatic stacker cranes, AGVs, etc.) or digitalization on certain warehousing activities (WMS, data collection equipment, etc.).


Associated with these analyses, cost and gain ratios are provided, allowing decision-makers to decide.

More generally, and because ROI calculation is not enough, the approaches proposed by these firms can mix 3 axes of decision making to answer a simple question “How does logistics serve the company strategy?” :

Focus on the OGE Consulting firm

OGE Consulting is a firm specialized in the redesign and optimization of logistics processes within the warehouse.

To answer the question “How can logistics serve the company’s strategy?”, this firm has developed an “Accelerated Logistics Diagnosis” offer that allows for a more in-depth analysis of the 3 axes presented above.


To do so, OGE Consulting supports you and offers a pragmatic, concrete and rapid methodology combining a strategic review with operational recommendations:

Finally, OGE Consulting has numerous references in the field of operational logistics consulting. OGE Consulting can also manage the implementation of its recommendations and commit to the results.