QUALIOPI certification

Sitaci x Qualiopi

What are the benefits for my company?
Is SITACI certified for training on its EGO WMS?
What do our customers say?

SITACI has chosen QUALIOPI certification for its training courses

Many training organisations exist in France with very different practices, labels and procedures.

QUALIOPI certifies the “quality of the actions delivery process contributing to skills development”. The QUALIOPI mark is held by the French State. And the awarding of this certification follows a rigorous and standardised operating procedure.

Thanks to this SITACI certification, our clients can, under certain conditions, access public and/or mutualised funding as part of the training plan.

The most important thing is your opinion!

SITACI desire to continuously improve its training courses…

…and this is what our clients say in return:

“The training was well conducted, it allowed us to discover the EGO WMS.”
“Clear and available trainer.”
“A good pedagogical animation, a grasp of EGO that meets our expectations, the project is moving in the right direction.”
“Very good exchanges.”
“The trainer pays attention and the training is fun.”
“Very good atmosphere during this training.”