Our value proposition

1 – A support
focused on people :

Equipping oneself with a WMS often means changing the way one’s company operates in depth. Aware of the complexity of these restructurings, we support our customers in this change, this reorganisation of their supply chain, both in the technical and human aspects.

We see our business and our day-to-day activity as a progressive and continuous process in which our clients are supported in enriching their internal skills. At Sitaci, we do not see ourselves as a service provider but rather as a partner to our clients: we accompany them, train them and help them on a daily basis.

In each project we implement, we always try to put people at the centre of our collaboration. We maintain a relationship of trust with our clients, based on equality and win-win.

2 – Technology and innovation
for your future needs

Your company and your needs evolve, your warehouse management solution must evolve with you! In addition to meeting your current challenges, our ambition is also to anticipate your future needs and to support you in your future development.

To do this, we continue to develop our WMS platform in order to bring in business and technological developments and innovations. New functionalities, new modules, new services, new complementary tools; we are trying, with our partners, to imagine what the warehouse 4.0, the logistics of tomorrow, will look like.

Asking questions together about the future, projecting ourselves to move forward together in the same direction, that is the challenge we want to achieve.

3 – Logistics :
our business!

At Sitaci, our approach is business before it is technology.

Knowing your business allows us to quickly identify the various hazards and unforeseen events that punctuate your day-to-day life and to propose solutions and tricks so that they no longer hinder your activity! It also means taking an interest in you, in your small daily challenges, in the way you function and are organised, and in adapting our solutions and not imposing them on you.

Like you, logistics is also our business, our passion. We are committed to promoting strong, innovative and value-creating logistics within the company.