How does SITACI support you after the installation?

Beyond a WMS, we bring a value proposition built around a service platform.

This SITACI platform aims to support you at all stages of your projects, and facing all the logistic challenges that will arise.
Join the SITACI community and go beyond your logistics limits!

Extranet collaborative platform

1 – Maintaining in operational condition

The stability and robustness of the solution are EGO’s watchwords! Our SITACI software quality team regularly deploys patches to optimize processing and increase the robustness of the solution. Moreover, security is a pillar and as part of our SAAS offer, we integrate all the measures for backup, data recovery, disaster recovery, control and encryption

  • Software update
    The latest developments of EGO for an even more robust and optimal operation.
  • Online support
    An extranet to assist you in your daily tasks and simplify your life.
  • Hosting and backups
    Secure and optimized management of your data.
  • On-call / breakdown services
    Telephone access to our technicians based in France in case of major problems.
  • Management of infrastructure & DBMS
    24/7 Digora support and intervention by Oracle DBA.
  • Preventive & corrective maintenance
    An extranet to request an intervention on EGO.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
    Assistance to restore the company’s activity after an incident has occurred.
  • MCO Equipment
    Express repair or replacement of your equipment.
  • Enhanced maintenance
    The ability to adjust the operation of EGO to your constraints.
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2 – Get trained and informed

The autonomy and progress of our customers are at the center of our concerns. Therefore, we provide them with a suite of tools: tutorials, support, online help, operating procedures, webinars, newsletters… aimed at providing information and allowing each of them to optimize their practices and organization in order to accelerate at the chosen pace!

  • Thematic Webinars
    Tailor-made interventions in short format (live or replay) by our “in-house” experts as well as customer testimonials.
  • On-line training
    Access to an online catalog to update one’s knowledge or to improve one’s skills on an EGO functionality.
  • Online help & tutorials
    Tips and tricks to better exploit all the possibilities of EGO.
  • Newsletters
    What you need to know about the latest developments in the logistics world.
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3 – Progress and development

We are experiencing a real logistics revolution, which requires us to regularly question our practices and organizations. Flexibility and reactivity, to implement new logistics solutions, are more than ever key factors of success! Therefore, we offer a suite of tools and services to enable our customers to respond to the new challenges they face: flash diagnosis, module activation, implementation of connectors…

  • Purchase of materials
    The latest hardware developments to make your logistics operations even more efficient and to support your development.
  • Module Activation
    Increased functional coverage to adapt to new uses or new activities.
  • Connector activation
    The best selection of solutions from major market players or French startups, interfaced with EGO for an “enhanced” WMS!
  • Specific developments
    The possibility of adapting EGO to the specificities of your activity, and when the standard functionalities cannot meet them.
  • 4.0 Solution Providers
    Access to an exhaustive panorama of mature and innovative technologies to prepare for the new logistics challenges of your sector. In partnership with Timcod.
  • Flash diagnostics
    A 360° approach to your logistics processes and an evaluation of the best productivity opportunities. In partnership with OGE Consulting
  • Mechanization & automation
    A technical and economic study for a relevant and successful mechanization project. In partnership with OGE Consulting
  • Version upgrade
    The latest technological advances developed by our R&D team in the latest version of EGO.

4 – The SITACI community

Staying on the cutting edge and anticipating tomorrow’s challenges requires openness. At SITACI, we believe in the strength of the community and we are convinced that benchmarking, coupled with experience sharing, allows us to grow and initiate new ideas and high value-added projects.

  • Collaborative white paper
    Capitalize on the best French logistics practices and make them known to as many people as possible.
  • Events & Trade Shows
    Within a professional association network or at a trade show, meet, learn from others and celebrate our successes!
  • Learning expedition
    Visit companies to recharge your batteries and discover the best practices developed by colleagues.
  • User experience
    Integrate working groups to improve the performance of the EGO solution and for a better user experience.
  • Social networks
    Subscribe, react, comment, re-post to increase our impact on professional networks.
  • Collective actions
    Collaborate in territorial projects to improve the professional practices of the logistics community.

Example of a customer journey at SITACI:


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Maintain in condition
Get informed and trained