For B2C logistics – Retail – E-commerce


You have to process a very large number of often simple orders (few lines) with a minimum of resources (limited preparation movements, limited stock areas).

Productivity is your main concern and your consistency in controlling the service rate is essential.

You also face problems of coupling to robots fleets, carton erectors or to a conveyor at the end of the picking line.


You want to set up a productive and efficient logistics solution, but you also want to be able to provide your customers with accurate and reliable information (order status, tracking, commercial information to be added to packages…).


The main issue is the search for efficiency in all logistics operations.



We guarantee you the efficiency of a solution designed for results!



Our WMS EGO solution offers no less than 7 customer order preparation modes, some of which are particularly well suited to B2C and E-commerce activities:

– in “2-step wave” for multiple orders of reasonable size with a panel of common references. Product picking for these orders is often carried out using a large trolley, or even a caddy, to rationalise movements within the picking area. Packing is done in a second step,

– in “trolley order” (Pick and Pack): also interesting to prepare a few orders of reasonable size, moreover with a panel of common references. In addition to rationalising movements, picking and packing are carried out at the same time and the trolley then has as many behaviours as orders.

– in “3-step case” (“Pick then Pack”): this mode is very popular with Web retailers because it allows them to pick large quantities of items in one go, and then distribute them in a “case cabinet” to reconstitute the orders. The third stage is the packing. This preparation method makes it possible to greatly limit the distances travelled by picking large volumes of small orders.



Finally, our EGO solution allows you to “zone” the preparation and to organise the coupling with automated packaging chains. EGO also offers a “TRM” transport module that can be coupled with most express transport and courier operators (DPD, Colissimo, Chronopost, Geodis, Schenker, DHL, etc.), and which thus enables the issuing of carrier labels and the associated parcel tracking, as well as EDI return and delivery confirmation.

Some examples of achievements:

VENTEO (Trappes)

Management of “unsold” returns,

Repacking of articles.

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Preparation of multiple orders with a trolley,

Picking wave (parcels),

Preparation of an order with a pallet rack.

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Order preparation in trolleys, pre-packed and multi-orders,

Order preparation in trolley – single references per order,

Consolidation on end-of-line conveyor – BL, carrier label, switch,

Boxes retention process on conveyor line (incomplete, quality control, overflow).

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Storing in chaotic mode,

Order picking with a trolley (pushed flow), multi-order and pre-packed mode.

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Some examples of achievements for e-commerce logisticians:


“Pick then Pack” preparation in boxes (3T),

“Single order” preparation (1 order line only).

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VDM REYA (Toulon)

Trolley order preparation, “Pick and Pack” or “Multi-order”,

“Click & Collect” order preparation.

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Picking order “assisted in wave mode”, for e-commerce,

Transport module / Edition of transport labels via Web Services

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Trolley order preparation, “Pick and Pack” or “Multi-order”.

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