Reverse logistics needs

A WMS to manage customer returns

Over the last few years, many people have noticed difficulties in connecting two IT worlds that often turn their backs on each other: WMS in warehouses and CMS for marketplaces.

The aim would be to interface more effectively the information flows between web merchants and their warehouses.

Indeed, with the rapid development of e-commerce, the management of customer returns has become a real headache for many web merchants.

However, most WMSs already have “reverse logistic” functionalities that make returns easier to manage: reception, control and storage. Until now, this functionality was often activated by interfacing with an ERP.

Connectors, for what?

The latest advances in interfacing have made it possible to set up connectors directly between the WMS and marketplaces and significant gains have been measured in terms of :

  • The time it takes to put a customer return into stock (and therefore back on the market for e-commerce sites),
  • The reduction in the rate of rejects due to obsolescence of items,
  • And a reduction in receiving operations associated with a gain in storage space at receiving (linked to a reduction in work in progress).

SITACI has developed a hybrid module with a major French player in reverse logistic that enables these gains to be captured. This module was installed for the first time in 2021 at a major e-commerce player in France.

Connections and complementarity

logiciel wms ego

Here you will find all the connections with external tools, services and equipment that are complementary to EGO, our WMS logistics software.