For outsourced logistics – service provider


You are a service provider and logistics is your business (3PL).

Your customers ask you to do better than them in terms of warehouse management, and cheaper than them!

It is essential for you to be adaptable and flexible in order to respond to each new request from your customers and especially to those you do not yet know.

So you face many challenges every day to satisfy your customers in contract, but you are a professional!


You want to set up a productive and “configurable” logistics system, looking for the best possible profitability, while remaining flexible to adapt to different demands and customers.


The main challenge is to have an adaptable and competitive logistics tool at the end.


We offer you a WMS solution that is adaptable because it is modular, allowing you to effectively manage and measure the entire operation of your activities!

You can thus benefit from a multi-depositor organisation based on simplified parameterisation (depositor by depositor or by group of depositors).


The strength of a WMS lies in its ability to “drive along” (pull flows) or “auto-pilot” (push flows) on certain execution tasks: for example, pallet storage missions in the stocks are offered natively in EGO, thanks to the fine-tuning of article families and stock registration. A container can thus be received and put away in less than 3 hours!


Thanks to a logistics invoicing module or an activity monitoring module (KPI), you will be able to set up the basis for genuine logistics management control.

You will be able to identify more precisely the profitability levels generated by each of your services sold.


It should be noted that our EGO solution can handle multi-site and multi-company invoicing of your logistics services, based on the logistics activities that have taken place in the warehouse. You can thus rely on quantified elements, either to build a continuous improvement plan with your customers, or to secure your costings within the framework of calls for tender or contract negotiations!

Some examples of achievements:


Automatic order picking in “3T case” mode (picking, crating, packing)

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TEMPO LOG (Fos-sur-Mer)

Automatic racking mission after sorting the incoming containers

Automatic mission to replenish the picking stock

Automatic mission to prepare several orders simultaneously

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