WMS publishers in France

Who are the French WMS publishers?

In France, we are fortunate to have recognized publishers who have been present on this market for several years.


Thanks to their experience and their track record in the French logistics sector, these publishers master the major challenges of logistics related to the installation of a WMS in a warehouse.

The specificities and the excellence of the French WMS publishers’ market are to be compared with those of our national economy!

Indeed, in France, we have leading sectors that are particularly well represented, such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical or cosmetics sectors, or logistics services for major market players (textile – clothing, industrial supplies, automotive or handling equipment).

In each of these sectors, French WMS publishers are very present for reasons of proximity but also because the standards and constraints in France of these sectors require this cultural and usage proximity.

What links with new technologies?

However, it is regrettable that there are few players in France and abroad who are able to deal with the problems specific to industrial logistics.

Indeed, few WMS manages to make the link between Industry 4.0 and Warehouse 4.0.

However, one of the great strengths of a WMS lies in its ability to integrate, through connectors or interfaces, solutions from other partners:

  • Data capture equipment (PDA, weighing machines, RFID, etc.)
  • Handling systems (cobot, AGV, conveyor, etc.), classic business management tools (ERP, etc.)
  • Workshop management systems (MES, etc.) and other logistics execution solutions (TMS, etc.).

In concrete terms, a WMS solution will allow to control the flows between the manufacturing unit and the warehouse to, for example, supply the production line in a “digitalized kanban” mode, via to-be-served lists.

Finally, working with a French service provider ensures a certain sovereignty in the hosting of this data or a certain fluidity in the exchanges in case of a bug or request for improvement.

In any case, working with a WMS publisher in France can represent many advantages!

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