Who is SITACI?

The company

SITACI, publisher of technologies dedicated to logistics, publishes the Warehouse Management System (WMS) EGO solution.

As a historical player on the French market, we intervene throughout Europe to support our customers in the deployment of our WMS solution: EGO, Supply Chain Management.

As a recognised historical player in logistics transformation projects, SITACI has always maintained a strong culture of logistics, “by logisticians for logisticians”.

Our group has many highly experienced business experts (ex logistics managers) in its teams. This multi-skilled team of high potentials enables us to understand complex logistics issues in order to respond quickly and pragmatically.

Sitaci is structured
into 3 major divisions


At the heart of the EGO WMS solution, we develop and deploy technological innovations to increase the range of functions for our customers, as well as the robustness of uses and operational efficiency in the field.


We bring a differentiating role to the sector through our ability to understand the issues and to deploy our WMS at our customers’ sites. Through the implementation of our Lean tools and our business research, we allow our customers to acquire a real functional autonomy as well as a total control of their processes. Our simple and pragmatic approach brings scalability to the organizations.


The start-up and operation of our solutions is only the beginning of the logistics adventure. Offering a complete range of solutions and services dedicated to logistics, SITACI accompanies its customers in all facets of continuous improvement from training, information on technological innovations, sector benchmarking… in order to support organizations at every stage of their development.

+15% growth per year

A reference player for over 35 years, SITACI has succeeded in maintaining growth, innovation and quality of service.

As a key and recognized publisher in the WMS market, SITACI gathers every year the trust of many customers who join our community of users, thus positioning us as a very dynamic player in the sector.
At the same time, we have the pleasure of welcoming many new collaborators, which allows us to enrich this beautiful adventure, pushing back the limits of logistics a little more each day.

+of 520
logistics sites
+of 8500
+of 380
customers worldwide
+of 15%
employees dedicated to R&D

Our values

Open and collaborative

As a true partner of trust, we do not see ourselves as a simple supplier for our clients: we have the same objectives and the same challenges to meet.
Acting locally with expertise and pragmatism, we put our skills at the service of our customers. Our expertise, combined with our innovative WMS solution, enables us to respond effectively to our customers’ key challenges. This long-term relationship of trust with our customers allows us to go further and push the limits!
This desire to surpass ourselves is also reflected in our solution, which, thanks to its wide range of functions and its many business connectors, can quickly and efficiently integrate other technological solutions with our WMS solution. SITACI thus allows you to extend the EGO experience well beyond the boundaries of the warehouse!

Credible and legitimate

With over 35 years of expertise, SITACI is a pioneer in WMS publishing. A reference player in the supply chain, recognized for its logistics transformation projects, we work in all sectors of activity, in BtoB and BtoC, and have numerous references of all sizes. We can support a project in all its facets: consulting, technology, deployment, training, integration, and hardware!
This accumulated expertise and capacity for innovation translates into an extremely complete, scalable WMS EGO solution, as well as an innovative, business- and results-oriented deployment approach.

Learning and innovative

In this revolutionary sector, constantly reinventing itself, innovation and pragmatism are the fundamentals that allow us to offer efficient, scalable and pragmatic complete business solutions.
Our project approach places collaboration with our clients at the heart of the success of the system. Through a co-construction approach, within the framework of a learning process, we allow our customers to become a decisive key element in the project but also a master and autonomous actor in its organizational and logistic choices.


Based in the Nantes region, we have been a publisher and integrator of our WMS for more than 35 years and we are financially sound (Banque de France rating 3++).

We first installed our solution in large French companies, as well as internationally, in several sectors of activity. We are therefore a generalist who has been able to improve our WMS EGO solution over the years. Our WMS solution, in its latest generation, has been completely reconfigured for increased modularity, operation in SaaS mode and strong interconnection with ERP and warehouse materials and equipment.

Our goal: to bring you autonomy and perfect control of your logistics processes.


We deploy our WMS solution in many small and medium-sized companies, allowing them to benefit from the best practices acquired and integrated into our standard WMS: WMS EGO V11.

Our solution has a very significant functional coverage and can be extended by simply activating one of the 25 complementary modules. Quick to deploy and scalable, the WMS EGO solution provides flexibility and versatility.

SITACI also innovates in its approach and tools for WMS integration and deployment. Thus, at the start of a project, we offer a highly structured packaged methodology combining group work, training sessions, logistics diagnostics coupled with collaborative tools to share and analyze your logistics data.

Finally, we rely on strong values: support focused on people, technological innovation as a response to your current and future needs, and finally, expertise in the logistics business above all, to save you time and achieve convincing results from the very first days of using our WMS EGO.

At SITACI, our teams, whether they are technical or professional, systematically follow an internal training course for a total mastery of a WMS installation project. We also differentiate ourselves by the active pedagogy of using our solution, led by training professionals (Qualiopi accreditation).


In summary, SITACI’s assets :

35 years of experience and more than 380 clients,
Strong expertise of its business teams and technical developers,
Strong recognition in logistics transformation projects,
Flexibility and flexibility, ability to intervene quickly,
Financial health,
Modular WMS in SaaS mode.