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In the context of a Supply Chain Management strategy implementation, you are looking for a new logistics software? Your current tool does not suit you anymore? In an increasingly digital era, using a business software for your logistics has become essential to develop your activity and increase your productivity. For each of these strategic activities, it is now necessary to have a dedicated logistics software.

A logistics software,
what is it?

Logistics, a central and transversal function

Often misunderstood or misinterpreted when one is not in the field, logistics is still often confused with transportation, which is precisely one of the components of logistics. This field is often linked to the activities of transporters in charge of delivering and storing goods. The objective is to ensure the proper management of the physical flow of goods between economic actors and the various departments of the company. According to ASLOG, the association of supply chain actors, it is “the art and the way to make a product available at the right time, at the right place, at the lowest cost and with the best quality”.

To achieve this, logisticians must coordinate all internal and external players before, during and after production. This involves managing suppliers and their products, then stock and warehouse management, then order preparation and dispatch, and finally the management of distribution flows. Logistics is a truly cross-functional activity that concerns all departments in a company.

Within your company, it is a function that must be able to respond both to short-term needs such as the optimization of daily physical flows, but especially to medium or long-term needs, such as the creation and implementation of action plans to optimize production and storage parameters.

Integrate the software for a gain in competitiveness

Increasingly digitalized, companies also have difficulty managing the logistics function without software. The logistics software brings you a real added value for the management of your logistics and gives you a gain in competitiveness. It is a tool that improves the coordination of the company’s services between them, allowing them to mobilize in order to pursue a common goal: customer satisfaction. Whether it is suppliers, freight forwarders, transporters, or logisticians, more and more players are working on the same logistics chain.

In order to obtain real-time information, to improve the flow of data relating to the flow of goods, to receive alerts in the event of unforeseen events or to optimize storage in the warehouse and the shipment of products, the installation of logistics software, a WMS (Warehouse Management System) or a TMS (Transport Management System), is essential today. In some companies, it is a significant competitive advantage that allows them to stand out from the crowd!

Up to 30%
increase in your
Up to 35%
increase in your storage
Up to 99%
error elimination
Up to 30%
decrease in handling

Our WMS solution


Whether you want to digitize your logistics to achieve productivity gains or rethink the way your logistics work, we can meet a multitude of needs and problems with a single solution: EGO.

Sitaci and our WMS solution :
EGO, Supply Chain Management !

Digitize your warehouse to achieve rapid productivity gains

Sitaci digitizes your logistics without profoundly overhauling your organization. Our methodology is simple, concrete, timed…. for a quick implementation of your WMS management software. You will lay an excellent foundation for your future development.

EGO : WMS solution dedicated to the management of logistics warehouses

EGO is a WMS software suite, dedicated to the control and management of the warehouse.

Our solution is flexible and modular. It covers all warehouse activities:

  • Reception,
  • Storage (location)
  • Cross-docking operations
  • Shuttle management between warehouses
  • Preparation of an order (picking, packing, shipping)
  • Warehouse resource management
  • Quality management

Our EGO solution brings you performance and flexibility while continuously optimizing your stocks and resources.

Logistics software that optimizes your logistics flows

With more than 30 years of experience, SITACI, publisher of the WMS EGO solution, invests in all the dimensions of the warehouse from the management of alcohol to the management of dangerous goods, the management of transport… so many modules and business functions that will allow you to control your flows and increase your logistics efficiency.