How about aiming for Warehouse 4.0?

What if logistics were to switch from a cost center to a profit center!


How to distribute this information to the right person at the right time by workflow (e.g. to stop, thanks to geofencing, the forklift of an operator too close to a dangerous area)?

How can I collaborate with a robot to increase the productivity of stock management?

How can I reduce my impact on the environment (for example, to reduce handling related to unnecessary repatriation of customer returns to the central platform or to improve the filling rate of trucks)?

How can I identify and analyze the relevant data in the “data lake” (for example, to provide proof of storage compatibility between hazardous materials or for firefighting purposes)?


Warehouse 4.0 offers technologies that are very easy to use and therefore highly acceptable to staff.

The warehouse is not a “replacement” for an existing warehouse but, on the contrary, it allows it to be enhanced.

SITACI invests nearly 10% of its turnover in R&D

This investment allows for example :

– to study the contributions and the integration in the WMS EGO software of “big data” technologies aiming at an interpretation of the data by an A.I. software (predictive analysis),

– interfaces with robots (AGV), cobots (collaborative robots) or drones,

– to consider interactions to feed virtual reality and augmented reality solutions (providing superimposed information to optimize a picking path or avoid loading errors).