Stock management

Why using an inventory management software?

To control the management of your stocks, no matter your size of company (VSE, SMI…) or your sector of activity (trading company, industrial or service company…), it is imperative to use an adapted and powerful stock management software.

What is a stock management software ?

A considerable asset for companies, a stock management and optimization software allows to automate, to pilot and to adjust in real time your stock levels (in products and articles) on each location of the supply chain, from the reception to the expedition. Your stocks are thus updated to avoid, for example, any sale of out-of-stock products and ensure optimal stock management.

This type of software in Saas mode can also exploit additional modular functionalities, such as

  • Purchasing management
  • Inventory management
  • Orders picking
  • Printing of delivery notes
  • Connection to an e-commerce site
  • Connection to accounting software or an ERP (EBP, Sage, CEGID…)…

It allows you to have access to dashboards, in other words, an overview of your company, your various products, your suppliers and your customers. It can then be used to reduce shortages or overstock issues by optimising quantities of goods stored, thus ensuring a considerable reduction in storage costs!

Indeed, the costs of holding stock can be very high in case of overstock, but also in case of shortage of stock, which could cause you to lose sales.

What links between inventory management software and OMS or WMS?

Thanks to an OMS (Order Management System), you centralize and direct your orders: recovery of omnichannel order forms (EDI flow, retail), sending of the tracking number to all your sales sources: marketplaces, CMS and private sales (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop…), up to the management of invoicing.

Coupled with a stock management software, this information allows an update of stock levels: automation of the stock status in real time on all sales channels that guarantees the availability of products.

Synchronize inventory management software and a WMS

Thanks to a WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, you have a connection to all your sales sources (by importing or interfacing with a sales management software or an ERP solution): optimization of order preparation routes thanks to picking lists that take into account the layout of storage areas.

A WMS develops packaging inventory management functionalities, such as your cartons packing, as well as their weight in order to integrate it with the weight of the total package on a package label. Finally, the WMS offers inventory management that is both complete and quick to implement. The WMS ensures real-time monitoring of all your stock movements, from reception to the management of returned packages.

Thus, a global information system, including interconnected business software, allows you to process your customer orders from all your sales channels. You can thus follow the different steps in real time (preparation, shipping, deliveries, etc.), while obtaining the documents related to your sale (order form, preparation form, delivery form and invoice). You can thus make your sales while minimizing errors thanks to the complete traceability of your products and your orders that the software offers you.

The advantages of a stock management software

  • Reliable stock for sales
  • Well-addressed stock to save time searching for goods in the warehouse
  • Fewer stock-outs and a significant improvement in the service rate
  • Less overstock, obsolescence problems with a direct impact on cash flow
  • Better inventory valuation (at the weighted average price or at the last purchase price…)
  • And therefore less stress with the feeling of having better control over inventory management

Stock management with our EGO solution: a 100% business approach

logiciel gestion de stock ego

logiciel gestion de stock ego

Developed by logisticians for logisticians, our stock management solution, integrated with our WMS EGO, benefits from more than 30 years of evolution and adaptation. All stock management and warehousing issues are approached from a business perspective (from organizational choices to the breakdown of flows). Our EGO stock management system allows a complete management of the load for a better control of the resources as well as an individual follow-up of the performance.

Solution for deploying and optimizing the organization of logistics flows

When implementing EGO stock management, we do not limit ourselves to reproducing the existing system. In fact, each EGO WMS implementation project is considered from the perspective of a redesign where we remodel, with our customers, the expected logistics flows in order to determine the most relevant organization for your stock management and, as a result, the most appropriate settings and technological solutions.

Throughout the project, we also play an advisory role in logistics and industrial optimization: structuring the warehouse, relocation, management of stock management parameters, organization of teams and definition of new jobs within the warehouse. We ensure that all aspects of the project are addressed, integrated and treated in order to make your EGO stock management implementation project a success in logistics operations.

Stock management software to get an overview

Using EGO also means having a unified vision of your products and equipment on all your storage sites (warehouse, store, overflow stocks, etc.).

You can thus obtain a complete traceability of all operations carried out on your stock, such as stock entries or exits, stock movements, etc.

This type of software allows you to optimize the quantities that you have in stock in order to limit the costs that are linked to it, to configure thresholds of replenishment in order to trigger a supplier order only when the quantity of the product crosses this threshold, to have only the optimal quantity of this product in stock, and thus to limit the amount of the immobilized financial resources.

It is a way to get reports on your best sales. You will be able to organize your future orders in an optimal way, in particular on products with strong seasonality.

Stock management functionalities present in our WMS EGO and which make it a model of integration:


Framing and marking of the warehouse: zone or warehouse, aisle or row, module or bay, level or height of rails, static positions or dynamic positions, physical dimensions of the storage compartments, marking of stocks (barcode labeling of stock bins), availability or non-availability of certain bin (installation of temporary locks),

Rules applied to each type of storage area in the warehouse (reserve stocks, stocks to be emptied as a priority, picking stocks, stocks invisible to public, quality areas, cold areas, FCEP areas, etc.),

Storage equipment adapted to each zone (shelving, racks and rails, mass, dynamic storage, etc.),

Allocation of characteristics to certain bin, for example, to store single or multi-reference items, or single or multi-batch items, the possibility of storing bulk or HU in bin.


These are actions (manual or automatic) of computer corrections, entry/exit of stocks, quarantines, installation of locks and alerts… created following :

– counts,
– quality control,
– inventories,
– stock reinstatements,
– applications of management rules (DLP /DLV),
– SEVESO constraints for hazardous materials…

…with the possibility of publishing stock statements differentiated between raw materials, components, semi-finished and finished products.


These are the actions that aim to have optimal stock levels by taking into account the constraints and requirements, often contradictory, between the commercial, logistics or financial departments!

Thus, the calculation of item rotation contributes to good stock management.

Depending on the movements made during a given period, the system can indicate the ideal rotation of an article and compare it with the one associated with it in the permanent article file. This tool allows the A-B-C rotation to be recalculated and modified for reasons of efficiency or convenience: safety stock, minimum stocks, replenishment threshold and quantity or replenishment.


Item sheets describing the characteristics necessary for proper storage (type of packing, weight, dimensions, etc.) and applying correct rules, creation or deletion of fixed and mobile (shuttle) warehouses, precise definition of types of cells available in a warehouse (storage volume), the logic codification of locations (cell / bin).

Our consulting role, a source of competitiveness

In our opinion, assistance in setting up the EGO solution for stock management is essential in order to make EGO an extremely reliable and robust solution that is also very efficient in operation. It allows significant productivity gains. Our approach is therefore resolutely focused on results and on achieving rapid gains. This is reflected in the definition, from the outset, of stock management indicators to justify the results.

During the start-up phase, we use these indicators to ensure that you achieve the expected results, thus attesting to the ROI (Return On Invest) of our EGO stock management.

This is why we offer real support during the deployment of your stock management software. You will receive advice on the choice of your management solution and training in the use of the software, so that you can be operational as quickly as possible. You also have access to customer support to help you in case of difficulties. You will receive personalised support at each stage of your project to improve your stock management.