Warehouse management

Why using a WMS software to manage your warehouse?

The use of a WMS software is nowadays essential for many companies in order to optimize and manage the physical flows and stocks within a warehouse. Whether they are companies with an e-commerce site, logistics service providers or transport companies, a WMS allows them to have an overview of their stocks and the activities that are linked to them and depend on them. Each project of integration of a WMS software for warehouse is unique, and must be the subject of a reflection and the edition of a schedule of conditions. Your logistics solution must allow you, via dashboards, to have a global view of your activity and its points of improvement.

The advantages of a WMS warehouse management software :

Improved productivity of storage tasks and reduced travel,

Optimization of the storage area,

Reliability of stocks (stock at address, inventory methods),

Reduction of fixed assets,

Analysis of consumption, particularly in relation to seasonality,

Reduction of preparation errors and improvement of the service rate,

Traceability of flows in real time,

Invoicing of logistics operations (useful for service providers in a customer relationship),



logiciel gestion entrepot

The EGO WMS suite is more than a logistics platform management solution, it is an “ERP for logistics”, which will allow you to :

Manage all warehouse resources: docks, pickers, forklift operators and warehouse clerks, storage locations, mechanized areas, handling equipment, portable radio frequency terminals (PDA)…

Reorganize all warehouse activities in real time to respond to priorities and emergencies,

Minimize response times for receiving and shipping products,

Provide greater flexibility and responsiveness of processes (multi-channel, load fluctuations, unforeseen events),

Ensure total traceability of products (batch and serial number management) activities and operators,

Forecast and optimize all your logistic resources needs.

Why using EGO, our WMS software?

Digitize your warehouse to lay the foundation for future growth

SITACI digitizes your logistics without completely overhauling your organization.

The methodology used is simple, concrete, timed, for a quick implementation of your WMS. Indeed, our implementation methodology allows you to have EGO at your disposal quickly thanks to the participative animation of parameterization meetings, and with an accelerated handling thanks to our rhythmic sequences of action training.

This is an excellent way to lay a solid foundation for the future development of your supply chain and thus control your flows and ultimately increase your logistics efficiency.

A modular and flexible WMS solution

Our WMS EGO solution, thanks to its SaaS mode operation, is flexible and modular.

It covers all warehouse activities, from the reception of goods (in bulk or on pallets) and data acquisition (by barcode, QR code or RFID), to the (automated) storage of stocks, to procurement or replenishment.

It also covers order preparation, from picking, packing and shipping to planning and automation. Finally, the EGO software allows for inventory management, control (dashboards), and quality management. Our solution brings you performance and flexibility, while continuously optimizing your inventory and resources.

Interfacing with an ERP (SAP, Sage, etc.), production management solutions, a TMS or a CMS, allows you to communicate in real time (notably via EDI flows) with the company’s information systems.

A complete and customized WMS, designed to adapt to all environments

With more than 30 years of experience, EGO warehouse management software covers all the dimensions and specificities of your warehouse, from alcohol management to hazardous goods management and transport management. EGO is designed to integrate with all existing solutions, as well as with all storage, weighing, handling and preparation equipment. EGO is also the guarantee of a strong technological integration, guaranteeing the stability of our supply chain.

Our warehouse management software is also interconnected with weighing, measuring and handling solutions at all stages of the process within the warehouse and with your partners (carriers, logistics providers, etc.).

We have numerous references in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, e-commerce, handling, and nautical industries, whether for industrial logistics, BtoB wholesale or BtoC retail activities.

A solution that is easy and quickly mastered by its users

EGO’s strength also lies in its ability to assist customers with training on the use and configuration of the solution, integration and implementation in your logistics warehouse environment, and advice on best practices to make your logistics efficient.

Our WMS EGO software has a significant functional wealth on all segments of your warehouse logistics. Its powerful functionalities allow us to apprehend numerous problems and to respond to complex flows, which will meet your future growth and development objectives!