Quality control


In the warehouse, the control of the products includes all the constraints and quality requirements usually found in a factory or laboratory:

  • Conditional sampling (new batch, 1st reception, origin, special packaging…)
  • Isolation,
  • Locking
  • Data recording
  • Production of reports and statistics…

Controlling in a warehouse is not an easy task!

In order to comply with quality requirements, we must be able to trace all the controls carried out on the products, and finally record everything precisely.

This makes it necessary to carry out control operations in the heart of the warehouse, which are all the more cumbersome given the size and diversity of the flows.

They can be systematically carried out on each product, require a justification of the good realization of the control in an exhaustive way and block the product if it is out of tolerance!

Our EGO solution is the first “quality watch” when goods enter the warehouse

logiciel wms ego

In EGO, our WMS logistics solution, the controls are traced and visible in the audit trail (nominative view of all transactions on the WMS).

The control results can be analyzed in the statistics. A control with a negative result does not systematically lead to the goods being blocked or considered as not available for sale. On the other hand, some controls do.