Reception planning


  • Is it relevant to plan your receptions?
  • What would be the point of doing so in your organization?
  • Can you have all the information you need to plan?
  • Will this information (date, quantity…) be reliable?
  • Will you have all the resources to process the information and plan?


It is the act of making an appointment and scheduling an incoming order for a known purchase order or simply making an appointment for an unknown unloading.

But planning, to do what?

The planning of your logistics allows you to follow the forecasted load of your warehouse, but it also allows you to regulate the saturation of the receiving docks. The planning act becomes strategic when receipts are important in terms of quantities received and resources are few (number of FTEs in reception or surface area of the docks). It is therefore a real tool to control, monitor and automate your logistics flows.

A WMS to help you plan your teams!

logiciel wms ego

EGO, our logistics WMS, inventory management and warehouse management solution, can retrieve purchase orders from an ERP system, enabling it to deduce a forecasted load for receiving and storing the goods in stock.

A few days before receiving the goods, the carriers can confirm the date and time of delivery via an interface developed by our partner Shiptify, allowing the dock manager to organize the work of his teams and to issue the appropriate safety instructions.