Traceability of goods in stock


In its most restricted approach, the minimum data expected for a stock is the reference and the quantity received.
However, this concept can be extended to other attributes depending on the level of traceability desired: in particular the batch to which the item belongs, its expiration date, its serial number, etc.

Why record logistical attributes?

Logistical attributes, such as batch identification or serial number, allow us to know exactly what goods have been delivered to each particular customer. It is the requirement for traceability that requires tracking of these attributes.

The EGO solution is the most reliable memory in your warehouse

logiciel wms ego

EGO, our WMS logistics software, collects these elements as soon as the goods are received in the warehouse. They will be associated with a quantity and an item and therefore with a stock. Thus, our WMS EGO ensures an upward and downward traceability of the stock.