For an industrial logistics


You have only one customer – the production workshop – this demanding customer can operate 24 hours a day and does not tolerate any break or delay.

Even if each manufactured product has a strong specificity, you still need to be an irreproachable supplier and one of the actors of an industrial value chain that keeps its commitments!

Industrial logistics is often characterized by the complexity and density of the flows encountered.


You would like to have a logistics system that serves your production, that puts itself at its service to deliver lines or islands, i.e. :

logistics that avoids breaking loads and chain stopping (contingency management),

logistics that can respond to the various hazards of your daily life, to strong seasonality or to new product launches,

logistics that also takes into account the control and traceability requirements imposed by your internal quality department, whether in receiving or in supplying the workshops.


The main challenge is to meet the requirements of an industrial site point by point.


We allow you to be sure that your logistics will not slow down your activity, on the contrary, it will optimize it and make it more efficient!

Our WMS solution EGO will help you on a daily basis in the preparation of lists to be served, in the declaration of production, in the reintegration in stock or in the management of routings and bills of material!

EGO tracks all logistical operations and records information on the dimensions and weights of new incoming items. Our WMS organizes the preparation and delivery of components or raw materials to production lines, and then manages production declarations and inventory reinstatements.

It can provide reports for the quality departments on controls carried out in reception.

Finally, EGO offers modules for managing hazardous materials in compliance with current regulations (dedicated ICPE areas or air/sea/rail transport documentation).

Some examples of achievements in France:


Shuttle flow – unloading of component pallets in the factory and loading of finished products at the end of the production line,

Supply of components to production lines.

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Denis Papin Collectivités (Bressuire)

Multi-order “wave” preparation,

Docks optimization and loading of units in charter mode,

Management of shuttles between the factory and external depots.

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Preparation of an internal order for operation in the workshop.

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