Your needs

The needs covered by a WMS logistic software

Often considered as a poor relation compared to other professions such as marketing, sales or production, we are convinced that logistics is experiencing a “warehouse revolution“.

WMS softwares are the beating heart of this deep mutation of our economy.

And the logistics professions (and in particular intralogistics) also intend to play a role in this upheaval of the balance between physical, financial and information flows!

Over the years, the WMS has gone from being a simple inventory management software to a more sophisticated and interfaced solution. It is now the real central platform for exchanges between marketplaces, retailers, industrial production workshops and transporters.


The needs to be covered by a WMS can therefore be very diverse:

  • To be able to manage large quantities of pallets on a daily basis,
  • To be adaptable and flexible to meet each new demand of your customers,
  • Avoiding load breaks and production line stoppages,
  • Meet control and traceability requirements,
  • Process a very large number of often simple orders in great detail,
  • Provide accurate and reliable information to your customers.

So what are the needs usually expressed when purchasing a WMS in your sector of activity?

Are there any specificities for each type of logistics business?

What challenges do each of these logistics professions face?




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