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Functional coverage according to business sectors

SITACI, has more than 35 years of experience in WMS implementation.

Here is how our customers’ specific needs are covered with particular functionalities of our WMS, EGO, by sector of activity:

  • Food industry: resource management and automatic assignment of preparation orders, simultaneous storage and picking (combined flows), shuttle flow with unloading of component pallets in factory and loading of finished products at production line exit,
  • Industrial supply: Preparation by warehouse, Management of an advanced preparation slab, Implementation of multi-picking, Management of battery loading, Piloted and dynamic assignment of preparation missions. Complete integration into a conveyor chain, systemic product labelling flow in reception and delayed differentiation in packing before dispatch, dynamic bulk picking management, preparation by trolley, implementation of automated preparation waves, assisted packing,
  • Retail distribution: Reverse logistics and repacking management, Advanced kitting management, Creation of boxes, Assistance with the manufacture ok the box, Serialisation and traceability of the box and its contents with all the associated components, Management of the production schedule and creation of the OF schedule over the week, Management of the layers and picking by layer (heterogeneous and homogeneous in reference),
  • Health PPE: Dynamic management of picking parameters, complete integration of ADR, dynamic picking, slotting, management by trolley with exploded preparation slab for non-gencoded products, advanced cross-docking, split of logistics flows: cross-dock picking reserve in the pre-reception phase, automated trolley management,
  • Petrochemicals: Pre-packed management of preparations with implementation of advanced packing. EDI coupling with the logistics platforms of its customers,
  • Pharmaceuticals: ADR and SEVESO management, bulk trolley picking, dimension and weight measurement (cargoscan system), pre-packing / pre-constitution of a container before loading, serialisation of goods, CargoChecker,
  • Specialised press: Addressing in chaotic mode, Optimised picking with management of trolley dimensions, Multi-type trolley preparation with automated generation of shipping documents,
  • Automotive: Reception with multi-criteria controls and installation of locks,
  • Textile – clothing: Preparation of orders in trolleys, pre-packed and multi-order, Preparation of orders in trolleys – single references per order, Consolidation on end-of-line conveyor – BL, conveyor label, routing, Cardboard retention process on conveyor chain (incomplete, quality control, overflow).

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