Our B2C clients

Functional coverage according to business sectors

At SITACI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the implementation of WMS.


Here is how our customers’ specific needs are covered with particular functionalities of our WMS EGO, by sector of activity:

  • Food industry: Batch SLED management, FEFO first expired and first out, Just-in-time flow management by taking into account FEFO in thin picking
  • Automotive: Multi-items’ dynamic picking managed in bulk, 3-step picking with picking, dispatch to form an order and pre-packing management,
  • Household equipment: Anticipated reservation management, multi-channel, Market-place management, Synchronisation of conditioning and picking workshops, Management of mobile services, Set up of multi-criteria deliveries, Pre-determination of picking flows and trolley constitution’s optimisation,
  • Games: Implementation of a dynamic guided flow coupled with dynamic picking management, Complete integration into a conveyor chain,
  • Specialised press: Management of mailings, Machine coupling, Optimised book integration with picking and collects mutualisation,
  • Textile – Clothing : Order’s picking in trolley, pre-packing and multi-orders, Order’s picking in trolley – single item order, Carrier load spill on a end of chain conveyor – Delivery note, carrier label, referral, Box retention process in a conveyor chain (not completed, quality control, overflow),
  • Special machine: Implementation of a dynamic guided flow coupled with dynamic picking management.

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