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Functional coverage of the needs according to the activity sectors

At SITACI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the implementation of WMS.


Here is how we cover the specific needs of our customers with particular functionalities of our WMS EGO, by sector of activity:

  • Pharmaceutical: Management of a multi-ref picking in FEFO with just-in-time indication to the picker; Control in advanced reception and quarantine management; Management by handling unit and not by article; Integration of the constraints of nature of origins for the storage conditions; Constitution of the containers in pre-packing and implementation of preparation control with validation by Workflow,
  • Textile – Clothing: Automatic racking mission after container sorting at reception; Picking stock replenishment mission; Preparation of several orders simultaneously; Automatic preparation of orders in “3T case” mode (picking, crating, packing),
  • Specialized press: Coupling with a stacker crane; Management of an advanced picking,
  • Cosmetics


Or on specialties developed by our customers, namely in :

  • Retail: Mutli depositors and Multi sites management; Integration of cross docking and coupling in EDI,
  • Cold: Management of handling units with a short transit flow and a complete traceability of the logistic chain,
  • Hazardous materials: SEVESO management; Respect of danger thresholds by zone, firefighter status generation; ADR,
  • Pick & Pack: Fine preparation; Control and coupling with website,
  • Ventilation: Quality control; Management of semi-assisted replenishment,
  • Promotional articles: Anonymous reception; Preparation on dynamic cart and fully integrated coupling with a front office,
  • Messaging: Mutli depositors and Multi sites management; Integration of cross docking and coupling in EDI; Management of the alcoholic beverages for champagne, beer and wine,
  • Integrator: Complete invoicing of the logistics service on the EGO WMS; Parameterization of flows by depositor; Advanced management of movement codes; Storage in containers, Taking into account of product specificities (pneumatics), Mutli depositor and Multi site management, Integration of cross docking and EDI coupling,
  • E-commerce, Storage, Courier, Air and sea freight, Port, Furniture…

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