Our industrial clients

Functional coverage according to business sectors

At SITACI, we have more than 35 years of experience in the implementation of WMS.


Here is how we cover the specific needs of our industrial customers with particular functionalities of our WMS EGO:

  • Food industry: Conditional sampling of products; Coupling and reintegration of production; Conditional release of batches; Management of raw material stock; Feeding on production line; Management of stock reintegrations; Management of batch tails at the end of production; Management of support consolidation; Multi-batch management; Taking stock ageing into account; Just-in-time preparation with coupling of forklift operator flow and semi-trailer loading..,
  • Household equipment: Management of stock by handling unit; Steering of inter-site and shuttles; Implementation of a dynamic management of order status.
  • Large-scale distribution: Complete management of traceability and sending EDI DESADV to the platform,
  • Special Machine: Coupling with production; Preparation of specific products and unique configurations; Management of subcontracting; Dynamic management of stock class and ABC model; Just-in-time coupling with overflow platform,
  • Petrochemical industry: Coupling with production, MPS feeding; Management of stock reservation for orders; Raw material stock management; Production line feeding; Management of stock reintegration; Management of a free picking zone in workshop,
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Management of raw materials; Management of articles from packaging to finished products; Conditional sampling of products; Production reintegration; Conditional batch release,
  • Specialized press: Management of workshop stock; Implementation of specific logistic flow for machine feeding; Management of reintegrations and implementation of optimized counting process by weight control; Integration of production chain and annex management,
  • Service: Coupling with the production; Raising of the criteria of parameter setting and creation of article on the depositor,
  • Textile – Clothing: Advanced cross-docking; split of logistic flows (reserve picking, cross dock in pre-reception phase),
  • Cosmetics, Automotive, Industrial supplies, etc.

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