Needs in food industry

You are a company in the food industry, you require a respect of the FEFO (First Expired First Out) and thus the permanent taking into account of the expiries at the time of the exits of stocks. Your customers impose strict rules of non-return date, of contract date. Your activity requires you to follow the expiry date and the forecast of your stocks. Your business requires you to manufacture and distribute your products and your logistics is, in this sense, multiple: industrial logistics, B2B logistics, distribution…


In a world where hygiene, food safety and environmental issues have become paramount, you would like to have a complete solution allowing automated management of expiry constraints and customer requirements without weighing down your logistics.

You are looking for a solution for your stocks that allows you to follow each reference individually and to pilot your flows while ensuring the respect of the FEFO. You don’t have one logistic process but multiple flows: Management of raw materials, AC or finished products, production supply, stock reintegration, management of inter-site shuttles, order preparation…


How can you automate the taking into account of expiry constraints and customer requirements without disrupting the organization of your picking or increasing handling?


Developed by logisticians for logisticians, our EGO stock management solution benefits from over 35 years of evolution and adaptation. Our EGO inventory management system allows for complete management of storage date constraints or reservation prioritization rules. EGO is very present with companies in the food industry and provides a key response to the optimization of shelf life.

They put their trust in us