Needs in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

You are a company in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic sector, you require flawless traceability and your projects are part of a computerized system validation process. The audit trail is an imperative for controlling traceability and establishing withdrawal plans. You are subject to serialization, and you need to comply with the new requirements of European regulations.

You are one of the actors of the pharmaceutical chain: laboratory, distributor, pharmaceutical depository, dispatcher… or an actor of the cosmetic sector! Process control is one of the keys to your quality.


In a world where health issues and traceability are central, you would like to have a complete solution to digitalize your processes and ensure control at all points of the supply chain.

The management of batches and their status, the control of blockages with reason and release criteria are at the center of your expectations.

The integration of quality documentation into your processes is a key and a prerequisite for digitization: control certificate, photo, CMR, temperature record, etc.



Have a solution that meets the requirements of GMP, BPD, CFR21 Part11. Guarantee a flawless audit trail!


Developed by logisticians for logisticians, our EGO stock management solution benefits from over 35 years of evolution and adaptation. Our EGO inventory management system allows for complete digitization of processes, dedicated and precise tracking of batches and locks, and integration of an EDM into all processes… Note that in the pharmaceutical sector, we work with laboratories, dispatchers and distributors.

They put their trust in us