E-commerce specific needs

My pickers are running around looking for treasure!


Numerous players are positioning themselves on E-commerce, whether they are pure players (marketplaces, logistics service providers) or come from more conventional sectors and have perceived it as an opportunity for additional turnover.

Everyone is getting involved. But this new e-commerce business has its own codes, requirements and constraints.

It is necessary to process a very large number of often simple orders with a minimum of resources.

Productivity is therefore a central concern and you have to be constantly looking for ways to optimise your preparation cycles or to automate painful or time-consuming tasks.

We may also encounter problems of coupling to fleets of robots, carton erectors or end-of-line conveyors.

Finally, the objectives of both regularity in the service rate and visibility on the web will one day require the interfacing of its activities with market places / CMS, OMS, TMS or loader stations.


Gain peace of mind by implementing a productive and efficient logistics solution while at the same time having accurate and reliable information for its customers (order status, tracking, commercial information to be added to packages, etc.).

More generally, this sector is looking for peace of mind when new products are put on line, during planned or unplanned peaks in activity, or simply during the unexpected and unforeseen events that spice up daily life!


Search for effectiveness and efficiency is at the heart of what the EGO WMS can offer. It is expressed through :

  • Automated stock supply cycles,
  • Storing goods at reception in pre-defined areas according to an optimised path,
  • Direct storage in the picking area to save time in transit and availability,
  • Automated picking replenishment (on trigger thresholds, in replenishment, as soon as new orders are prepared…).


The EGO WMS solution can also offer you preparation modes adapted to e-commerce activities in order to massify picking operations.

The preparation circuits are thus defined according to flows nature, the launch rules that you wish to apply, and in particular whether or not to take urgent orders into account, or either to choose between a mass launch or a run-of-the-mill.