Needs of 3PL providers

Your needs

You have to manage different types of activities within a single site or in “multi-site” mode.

The rapid integration of a new customer is always a challenge for your teams, and the peaks in activity that you experience require you to be very flexible in the organization of your warehouse.

In this complexity, you are on the hunt for waste and any opportunity is good to gain in productivity.

The challenges

With all these potential needs, you want to set up a productive and ” customizable ” logistics, looking for the best possible profitability, while remaining flexible to adapt to different demands and customers. So you probably want to :

  • Integrate new customers simply into your IT system and allow your departments a high degree of autonomy in defining the processes to be implemented,
  • To be able to give a flexible and simple online access to your customers,
  • Automate all the administrative operations of follow-up and invoicing of the service,
  • To have invoicing grids for services and transport specific to each customer.

Our answer

Sitaci offers you an adaptable WMS because it is modular, allowing you to manage and measure the entire operation of your activities efficiently. All the settings can be inherited, for example, by depositor, by logistic family or by article.

The EGO PRESTLOG module ensures the processing and follow-up of all invoices for logistics and transport services, as well as sending them to your accounting tool. The invoices issued also contain all the details needed to justify the invoicing.

Online access to the portal gives your customers simple and efficient access to the EGO solution, with supervision of their flows and stocks, and their animation by means of KPIs that you have set up for them.

Depending on your customers’ needs, you can activate new modules on request to meet new requirements: hazardous materials, planning, production and kitting management, chartering, serialization, batch management, etc.

Finally, thanks to the “logistics management control” module, you will be able to identify more precisely the profitability levels generated by each of your services sold.
It should be noted that our WMS EGO is multi-site and multi-company and thus allows the generation of reports and multi-dimensional dashboards thanks to our DASHBOARD module

You will be able to rely on quantified elements to build a continuous improvement plan with your customers, to secure your costing in the context of a call for tenders or a contract renegotiation!